Delta 6000W Solar Hybrid Inverter

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Spec Sheet: H6 Hybrid Inverter

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Delta Hybrid 6000w Grid Tied Inverter
Works Without batteries as a standard grid-tied inverter as well
6000W Max AC output
9000W Max Solar Input
97% Efficiency
72000W Max Battery Backup output (240vac)
400V-550V Lithium Battery Compatible (LG Chem and others)
Huge MPPT Operating Window (85-570V)
2 Independent MPPT inputs
-Rule 21 Compliant
-UL1741SA Compliant
-HECO (Rule 14H) Compliant
-IEEE 1547 Compliant
-Rapid Shutdown Complaint (when Used with a rapid shutdown box
I Have Hundreds of These,
They work well and are very efficient and reliable, I put one in on my home install
Great pricing is because of Solar City emptied Warehouse when they went out of business, they had had delta make these
as with pretty much any other inverter If you are a DIYer, the manufacturer will be tough on you for warranty service
We will guaranty these for the first year from design failure


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