Enphase M215 215W Micro Inverter

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Enphase M215 215W Micro Inverter

60 Cell Solar Panels up to 270W
(Enphase branded)
12 pcs per box. In the original box and manual. We have over 100 boxes available that are Brand New and Unopened. Just adjust the qty if you need more for your project. For example, if you need 24 pcs for your project order 2 boxes. Because there are 12 pcs per box.

The microinverter has MC4 connectors
Connects to a Standard Enphase Trunk Cable (not included)
The model number is M215-60-2LL-S22
Manufacturer: Enphase
It’s a 215-watt Utility-Interactive Inverter with Integrated GFDI
MTTP range is 22v – 36v
Max DC current is 10A
Frequency: 59.3hz, 60.0hz, 60.5hz (min,nom,max)
Power factor is 0.95
AC output is 240v or 208v
Will accept up to 270-watt solar panels (60 cells)
Full datasheet it in the pictures
We have many cases of these
Designed in California.
UL, CSA, CEC listed
NEMA 6 enclosure
We offer volume discounts!
We are offering free shipping on this one in the USA contact us if you need it internationally. Generally, these are designed to work in North America only


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