KYOCERA KD255GX-LFB3 255 Watts Solar Panel

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CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY As a pioneer with four decades of experience in the development of photovoltaic systems, Kyocera drives the market as a leading provider of PV products. We demonstrate our Kaizen philosophy, or commitment to continuous improvement, by setting the industry standard in the innovation of best-in-class solar energy equipment.


• Kyocera modules confirmed by the Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre to have the highest average output of any crystalline module
• First module manufacturer in the world to pass longterm sequential testing performed by TÜV Rheinland
• Only module manufacturer to achieve the rank of “Performance Leader” in all six categories of GTM Research’s 2014 PV Module Reliability Scorecard


Electrical Data

  • STC Power Rating 255W
  • PTC Power Rating 228.3W 1
  • STC Power per unit of area 14.4W/ft2 (155.0W/m2)
  • Peak Efficiency 15.5%
  • Power Tolerances 0%/+5%
  • Number of Cells 60
  • Imp 8.39A
  • Vmp 30.4V
  • Isc 9.09A
  • Voc 37.6V
  • NOCT 45°C
  • Temp. Coefficient of Isc 0.06%/K
  • Temp. Coefficient of Power -0.46%/K
  • Temp. Coefficient of Voltage -0.135V/K
  • Series Fuse Rating 15A
  • Maximum System Voltage 600V

Mechanical Data

  • Type Polycrystalline Silicon
  • Output Terminal Type SMK H4
  • Output Cable Wire Gauge 12 AWG
  • Output Cable Wire Type PV Wire
  • Output Cable Wire Length 46.9in (1,190mm)
  • Frame Color Black
  • Backsheet Color White
  • Length 65.4in (1,662mm)
  • Width 39in (990mm)
  • Depth 1.8in (46mm)
  • Weight 44.1lb (20kg)


Additional information

Weight 44.1 lbs
Dimensions 65.4 × 39 × 1.8 in


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