LG LG315N1C-Z4 315 Watts Solar Panel

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LG Solar offers precision-manufactured and market-leading solar panels for businesses and homeowners who demand high performance, reliability and consistently strong energy yield—all from a brand they can trust. Through over 30 years of intensive solar research and development, LG was able to produce innovative, high-quality yet affordable solar panels. By choosing LG’s long-lasting, energy-efficient and sustainable solar panels, receive higher financial and environmental benefits for your business and other stakeholders.

LG’s solar panel’s high efficiency comes in part from its Cello technology, which increases its power output and reliability making it one of the most powerful and versatile modules in the market. It also boasts a sleek and sophisticated design that is aesthetically pleasing and suitable for any rooftop.


Electrical Data

  • STC Power Rating 315W
  • PTC Power Rating 293.9W 1
  • STC Power per unit of area 17.8W/ft2 (192.1W/m2)
  • Peak Efficiency 19.21%
  • Power Tolerances 0%/+3%
  • Number of Cells 60
  • Imp 9.5A
  • Vmp 33.2V
  • Isc 10.02A
  • Voc 40.6V
  • NOCT 46°C
  • Temp. Coefficient of Isc 0.03%/K
  • Temp. Coefficient of Power -0.38%/K
  • Temp. Coefficient of Voltage -0.114V/K
  • Series Fuse Rating 20A
  • Maximum System Voltage 1000V

Mechanical Data

  • Type Monocrystalline Silicon
  • Output Terminal Type Multicontact Connector Type 4
  • Output Cable Wire Gauge 12 AWG
  • Output Cable Wire Type PV Wire
  • Output Cable Wire Length 39.4in (1,000mm)
  • Frame Color Black
  • Backsheet Color White
  • Length 64.6in (1,640mm)
  • Width 39.4in (1,000mm)
  • Depth 1.6in (40mm)
  • Weight 37.5lb (17kg)


Additional information

Weight 37.5 lbs
Dimensions 64.6 × 39.4 × 1.6 in


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