MakeSkyBlue MPPT 60A


MakeSkyBlue MPPT charge controller 60 amp

Version 118

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MakeSkyBule 60A MPPT Solar Charge Controller

The V118 max efficiency is 98.2%.The V118 MPPT track speed is 5 times faster than V113.The V118 Charging Voltage Accuracy is ±0.2. The V118 is much better to work for lithium battery and you could set the voltage from 12V to 17V.The V118 is much strong for OU+/OU- to control loads less 5A, but the time and light control of the fake V113 is a bug.The V118 version motherboard is different to V113.

Notes: The fake products on the market is V113 that it’s very old firmware and you could find this on the LCD when you turn on the controller in the first time. You may save some bucks for fake V113, but it may cook your battery. What are the news of V118? The V118 will display the voltage directly and no need to multiply anymore.

INPUT: Maximum PV Array Power : 720W Panel 12V Battery; 1440W Panel 24V Battery; 2100W Panel 36V Battery; 2800W Panel 48V BatteryPV Array Open Circuit Voltage (Voc):For 12V Battery 20~80VDC; For 24V Battery 37~105VDC;For 36V Battery 50~160VDC; For 48V Battery 72V~160VDCPV Over-voltage Protection (Open Circuit Voltage):For 12V Battery 90VDC;For 24V Battery 105VDC;For 36V Battery 160VDC ;For 48V Battery160VDC

OUTPUT: Selectable battery type : For 12V 24V 36V 48V Vented/ Sealed / Gel / NiCd / Lithium battery

PROTECTION FUNCTION: Temperature protection:

75℃Fan-on temperature:>45℃Fan-off temperature:<40℃Overcharging protection voltage: 60V Limited current protection:61A

PHYSICAL PROPERTIES: Acoustic noise≤40dB Cooling way:Forced air coolingComponents:Imported materials,According to EU standards, industrial, Industrial grade.Operating Temperature:-20℃~+55℃Storage Temperature:-40℃~+75℃Dimension,D×W×H(mm) 215×115×50Net weight(kg) 1.1Gross weight(kg)1.3


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