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Hanwha Q CELLS Q.PEAK G4.1 305w Solar Panel

Hanwha enhanced low-light performance and the output of Q CELLS solar panels across a wide range of temperatures to rival traditional crystalline technologies.

  • 60 Hanwha monocrystalline Q CELLS
  • Thermally pre-stressed anti-reflective glass
  • Black anodized aluminum frame
  • 4mm² (12AWG) cables with MC4 type connectors
  • IP67 weatherproof junction box w/ bypass diodes
  • Q Cells Q.Antum technology developed in Germany
  • The Q.PEAK G4.1 305 has a 18.3% module efficiency.

Hanwha Q CELLS Q.Antum Solar Cell Technology

High-performance technology for durability; Q CELLS premium solar panels with Q.ANTUM technology give maximum output and reliability.

Q.ANTUM technology supercharges ordinary crystalline solar cells and modules. No special system components are required. Q.ANTUM delivers exceptional performance under real-world conditions in Q CELLS solar panels.

Q.ANTUM was designed to generate more power when the sun is rising, setting, or even behind clouds. Higher solar power yields will be acheived in the middle of hot and sunny summers, and during clear fall and winter days, when the sun is not as high in the sky.


Q CELLS Q.PEAK G4.1 305 Solar Panel Warranty

Inclusive 12-year product warranty
25-year linear performance guarantee

· At least 98 % of nominal power during first year.
Thereafter max. 0.6 % degradation per year.
· At least 92.6 % of nominal power up to 10 years.
· At least 83.6 % of nominal power up to 25 years.


Q CELLS Q.PEAK G4.1 Certifications


  • UL 1703; VDE Quality Tested; CE-compliant;
  • IEC 61215 (Ed.2); IEC 61730 (Ed.1) application class A
  • Safety Class: II
  • Fire Rating:UL Type 1

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Dimensions 64.57 × 39 × 1.26 in


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